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gaim-plugin that lets you control XMMS from gaim
Gaim XMMS Remote is a Gaim plugin
that lets you control XMMS from within gaim.
Gaim XMMS Remote lets you play, pause, and stop the current song.
Aswell as navigate to the next and previous song in your playlist.
It will also display your playlist as a submenu if you have that
preference turned on.
Gaim XMMS Remote follows your Gaim preferences for how to display buttons in
chat and im windows, so it should integrated rather smoothly.
You also have the option of wether or not to display the button
in chats and im's.
As well as what instance of XMMS to control (generally you'll want to to
keep it to 0, thats the first instance of XMMS).
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